Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Taking Over Chinese Theaters


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter seems to have done pretty well last weekend in the opening at the Chinese Box Office. In just 3 days, the movie has made around $94.3 million and so it has become the biggest Friday opening for a Hollywood movie with only second overall behind local production of Lost in Hong Kong. With such huge numbers coming in, the sixth entry at the moment has the potential to be the highest grossing movies in the franchise on a worldwide scale.

As the Sony/Screen Gems production has been running some astounding marketing campaigns in China, for example airing ads during the holidays or endorsing celebrities like Milla Jovovich, there were very less or almost negligent signs that the movie will not explode as it did at the box office on Friday when it grossed around $33 million.

This sole number already covers the whole budget of the movie that was estimated to be around $40 million and it’s actually the third highest for a movie from Hollywood. During the weekend, business did not slow down at all and it ended with $94.3 million which was the second highest Friday opening of all time and overall, eighth. The highest mark still belongs to Furious 7 which opened on a Sunday.

The opening stats turn out to be even more impressive and shocking as we consider the movie Resident Evil has beaten other movies at the box office that include Captain America: Civil War ($93.6 million) or any Marvel movie apart from Age of Ultron, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice ($55.7 million), Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($52.3 million) or Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ($30 million).

Are these numbers going to make Sony think twice about the future of the series? It doesn’t seem to be the case because even if it has made the franchise go beyond the $1 billion mark, it is not performing well in other markets such as the US where it is the lowest grossing entry but the Chinese success is very motivating for the brand and might offer a boost in the confidence for Sony in producing reboots sooner than later.

On the sides, another videogame conversion came to the Chinese theaters this weekend, with the Assassin’s Creed movie earning around $17 million in three days. Hopefully, this will get a confirmation out of Ubisoft for their interest in a sequel.