Rumor Suggests Resident Evil 7 Might Be Coming To The Switch With VR Support


Resident Evil 7 has garnered a lot of praised with the way the series has re-invented itself , and it seems that Capcom has a hit on their hands after the debacle of the last few Resident Evil games.

The game will launch in less than a month , and there is a new report emerging courtesy of YouTuber ObE1 Plays, (you can check out the video below) and it states that Capcom is looking to bring Resident Evil 7 to the Switch however they are facing a bit of difficulty with regards to VR , as that would require a lot of “horse power” .

The leaked specs of the console suggest that the Nintendo Switch wont be powerful enough to support the VR capabilities of Resident Evil 7, and what seems  more likely is the fact that Nintendo will probably make the game available on the Switch without VR.

The latest Resident Evil game sees the series take a new direction ( thankfully) , as recent installments have just failed to capture the imagination of gamers , and in all honesty were really dull and dry.

In contrast the latest installment sees the game return to its survival horror roots, and seems to carve out a story that will be bone chilling and frightening at the same time.

However many fans of the long running saga have concerns regarding the switch to a first person view , however Capcom has assured fans that the game will retain much of the elements of previous Resident Evil games.

In my opinion though the move to first person will allow the game to deliver a better survival horror experience to the player, and this is something that will bode well for the game.

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Resident Evil 7 comes out on January 24 2017 for PC, Xbox One and Ps4