Resident Evil 7 On PSVR Is A Bit Downgraded When Compared To The PS4 Version

Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 has received a lot of plaudits for going back to its survival horror roots and giving the fans a bone chilling experience , however Resident Evil 7’s PSVR version had to undergo changes to accommodate the frame rate requirements of the PS4.

A number of videos have popped up which show the significant difference between the two versions of the game. One such video is by YouTuber Candyland whose near 3 minute videos highlight the differences between the two versions of the game. The results are astounding to say the very least.

The first difference that you notice is when you enter the Cabin, although it must be noted at the same time that in some of the outdoor environmental shots you can see the checkerboard filtering.

Once you enter the Cabin though you will initially notice that the light from the window does not filter through in the PSVR version , which gives the already gloomy cabin a further dank and dark appearance.

For the most part though the graphics did not take a huge downgrade , however you can see the difference in the features of the characters . A prime example of this is the physical movements and the lack of light reflections in Mia’s strand of hair.

Even after all the differences it is still a pretty decent VR offering partly due to the fact that it is a full blown game and not a gimmick. The extra PlayStation camera has been put to good use , the performance does take a hit due to the fact that games are running at a lower fidelity but still this is a pretty good offering for a first full fledged game which happens to be on VR.

Let us know if you have been playing resident Evil on PSVR, and if you have experienced the same differences by commenting in the comments section below.