Resident Evil 7 DLC “Not A Hero” Screenshots Revealed



The Upcoming DLC  Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero features perhaps the franchise’s most iconic character Chris Redfield. After numerous rumors the news was confirmed , and recently at the Tokyo Games Show Capcom teased the fans of the long time survival horror game with 3 screenshots of Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC.

The Screens aren’t that particular about the narrative but are a glimpse ahead of its release on its art style and gameplay feature. To start off our main man Chris is taking the field and if we all remember correctly Chris is well equipped to deal with an apocalypse and it seems he’s got new ways to do it too unlike the base game where an unexperienced civilian is trying to fend off against the Mutants or bio-weapons.

However  there are some difference as in one screenshot it can clearly be seen that Chris just stomped molded into the ground indicating  some finishers or executions attacks, while the other screenshot includes an air meter which is hinting to either a new type of molded enemies or a whole new class but the air meter could include areas which are toxic or harmful in any other way. The third and final screenshot is Chris holding a gas mask pointing that the gas mask will have to be equipped. Check out the screenshots down below.

Not a Hero will be free to all base game owners and will be available at December 12th but that day will also feature another release for the base game the DLC Chapter ‘End of Zoe’ which will be sold separately or part of the season pass but to the players who haven’t played the base game yet can get Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition for the full package.

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