Resident Evil 7 : Guide To Defeating Jack Baker


The first individual that you have to face in Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard is Jack Baker and fighting him is a terrifying ordeal  which is nothing similar to the fight with Mia, so gamers have to be up on their toes in order to prevent themselves from dying. Gamers are likely to be strained into a fight thrice with Jack Baker. However, at other times you can decide between fighting or running away from a fight against him.

Here are some approaches that may aid you in defeating Jack Baker.

Stoush Daddy Baker in the Garage Boss Fight

Considered as the finest way to defeat Jack the first time he comes up in Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard is not by wrestling him but by simply using the newly obtained G17 Handgun in order to stupefy him if required but the main purpose is basically to reach the car that is in the garage which you can use to run over him. While doing so, keep track of time because Baker may pull you out of the vehicle.


Fight Jack Baker in the Butcher Room Boss Fight

As you are going towards the basement of the main house and to the Butcher Room, you will face Jack the second time where he has set a ploy for you in the shape of a dog head from which you need to escape through back door.


Defeat Jack Baker at the Pier Boat House Boss Fight

This third fight is considered to be easier than the one in the Butcher Room and the best weapon to go against Jack Baker in this fight is a shotgun. You have to be inhumane this time and just destroy his eyes with the shell of a shotgun and by scooting a bit low. In case you run out of ammo, you can find new boxes in the top and bottom levels for a refill.

We have our hopes that these strategies help you out in combating against Jack Baker in the seventh of the series of Resident Evil.