Research Indicates PlayStation Consoles Dominated US Searches For More Than A Decade



PS4 has undoubtedly won this generation of video game consoles. With upwards of 60 Million units sold so far and a number of brilliant exclusives on the way it appears its only a matter of time before the consoles hits the 100 Million mark.

Now an interesting report courtesy of Internet Frontier goes on to show that Sony and it’s PlayStation consoles have gone on to dominate search engine searches. Meaning that the PlayStation and all its incarnations were the most popular consoles in the US.

The research spans 12 years starting from 2004 and going on to 2016, and shows the search volume for the Xbox One , Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PS3 and PS4.












As the image above shows Sony was dominant during the 2014 era with the PS4 and PS3, and even Nintendo’s Wii was up there in the rankings as well.

The infographics show that when it came to search engine searches Sony dominated from start to finish. The only anomaly was in 2005 where the Xbox 360 took the top spot as the infographics below show.







2006 saw Xbox 360 having a slight advantage over the PS3. 2007 saw a PS3 majority, while Nintendo managed to lead from the front after a close contest with both Xbox 360 and PS3. The next two year though belonged to Nintendo who dominated Search engine searches with the Wii. 2010 saw PS3 dominate the search engine searches , and by 2011 PS4 had around 15% of the searches from the entire USA. Interestingly enough the PS4 was released by the end of 2013.Xbox One and PS4 then went on to dominate the search engine searches for 2012. 2013 as expected the year of the PS4’s launch saw Sony dominate and the trend continued till 2015. BY 2016 though Nintendo was back with a bang , fueled by the rumors at that time of a console which was back then named NX , which was the code name for The Switch.






Even then PS3 and PS4 managed to take a number of different states, while the Xbox One was the most searched console in 7 states.

An interesting tidbit from the report suggests that the PS4 was immensely popular during and before its release window.

“It’s interesting to see the widespread popularity of the Playstation 4 release compared to other consoles, even previous versions of Playstation. What might surprise you even more is that the release of PS2 was apparently the pinnacle of gaming for Wyoming and Vermont.”

There is also an interesting chart which shows video game statistics.








So it seems that US along with the rest of the world are heavily inclined towards a Sony PlayStation console.Though with Nintendo Switch having a stellar year it will be interesting to see what story the 2017 stats tell.

Source: Internet Frontier