There Is An Issue With Far Cry 5’s Co-Op Missions



Far Cry 5 has been in the headlines lately after its depiction of backwards rural America and a sort of a Cult which is a departure from previous entries, which depicted the protagonist fighting it out against people of color.For a lack of a better word this has triggered a lot of snowflakes, and I cant stress how important it is to take it as just a game, and not real life depiction. However there is an issue which has recently surfaced with Far Cry 5’s Co-op missions.

The Co-op missions of Far Cry 5 are not going to share the progress of the mission with the second player. In laymen terms this means while you will be able to see the progress the other player wont be able to do so. Far Cry 5 only permits the first player to go ahead and view the progress that has been made thus far.

Unable to share the progress can turn out to be a bit annoying as it counters the reason of playing and completing a game with someone. One of the core reasons for playing co-op is that you get to compare and contrast how the player was an asset to the mission and how each of them has aided to mission completion. Another limitation is the fact that players can play the game in Co-op from start to finish but only online. It’s bound to be frustrating for the second player to be unable to view the missions progress and how he is performing and its something that Ubisoft should definitely look into.

Far Cry 5 is going to launch early in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is even compatible for Xbox One X and is currently available for pre-order in 3 different variants.