Report: Microsoft Has A Marketing Deal With An As Of Yet Unannounced AAA Title


Back in 2015 Microsoft  made a deal with Square Enix to make Rise Of The Tomb Raider a timed exclusive for the Xbox One , now a rumor has made its way on to the internet from renowned industry insider Shinobi602 who suggests that Microsoft has a marketing deal for an unannounced AAA title. Have a look at the tweet for yourself down below.

If you focus on the last part the tweet also says “bring on E3” , and hence we can expect some sort of an  announcement to be made at E3 2017. If you have followed Shinobi over the years you will know that he is amongst one of the most reliable sources of news and leaks pertaining to the video games industry, and he is amongst one of the most respected industry insider.

Their is a possibility that this might be a timed exclusive , however it is also possible that this could be a situation like Destiny 2 where Sony is handling the majority of the marketing for the said game. However given Shinobi’s enthusiasm it seems that it might be much more than that.

Furthermore Microsoft do not have Gears of War or Halo to bank on this year and the only major exclusive they have released this year is Halo Wars 2, and hence it makes sense that they would want to have something that can cater to their huge fanbase , and hence I believe that they have indeed secured a deal of a timed exclusive.

Which leads us to our next question of what might the said time exclusive be? Well this is the part which has me stumped , but anyways I guess we will find out come E3 2017.

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