Report: Leaked Image Shows An Exclusive Assassin’s Creed Game For Switch Amongst Others


We have heard countless rumors about an Assassin’s Creed game which is going to be based in Egypt, despite no official confirmation from Ubisoft the rumors have continued to persist. However there now appears to be some sort of credibility to these rumors if a recent slip up from IGN France is an indication

It appears that an exclusive Assassin’s Creed game may have been developed for the Nintendo Switch , although there is no way yet to know if this is indeed a mainstream game , or just a one off for the Nintendo Switch.

The image that you see below was posted on IGN France’s Twitter account before it was deleted, it shows a host of games for the Nintendo Switch. If you can make out the wording it says Assassin’s Creed Egypt, so it appears that there is indeed some credibility to the rumors that we have been hearing.

The release date has been touted as March 24, which further strengthens the possibility of the title being a Switch exclusive because traditionally a Assassin’s Creed game has usually come out round about Fall. So there is a really high possibility that this title is indeed a Switch launch exclusive.

However, until there is any sort of official confirmation the news should be treated for what it is a rumor , as always we will be keeping an eye out for more developments on this news.

Let us know about your views regarding this leak, and whether or not you believe that an Assassin’s Creed game is indeed going to be a Switch launch exclusive by commenting in the comments section below.