Report: Destiny 2 Will Be Called Forge Of Hope

Destiny 2

We all know that Destiny will be getting a sequel, but recently there has been next to no information about Destiny 2 , and the fans were starting to wonder if Bungie had forgotten about the game altogether.

Now it appears that the sequel might have a name if a leak on reddit is to be believed .The sequel will be titled Destiny 2 Forge Of Hope.

Here is what the post reads (this post might contain spoilers , hence read at your own discretion)

The next installment in the DESTINY franchise will be revealed as ” Destiny II: Forge of Hope”.

Will be launching in Q4 2017 with an estimated window release of November 4th to November 18th.

The next installment will be launching on five platforms: PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio (TBA) and PC.

Console Exclusivity will remain with PlayStation but the exclusive period will be reduced to 3 Months.

Will launch with three editions.

It further goes on to state

The game has a whole new engine built from the ground up with the ability for Bungie to rapidly create and ad new content to the world of Destiny.

it also has a few spoilers regarding the story

The sequel will heavily focus on chronological events set after the Fall 2015 Expansion The Taken King. The cabal forces attack the city leaving the civilians and mentors of the tower defenseless. It is the guardians job to fight back the cabal and reclaim the city. While doing so the guardian will discover the long lost stories of Queen Mara Sov and The Exo Strangers motives. The story will culminate with the tower and city fighting back the Cabal empire resulting the guardian defeating the leader of the Cabal in the new Raid

As usual we must inform you that this is not an official announcement , but a purported insider leak, and hence any news must be taken with a grain of salt.

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