Sony’s Remote Play Might Just be Able To Challenge The Nintendo Switch



Holiday’s are the best time to attract potential new consumers to your franchise and brands. Sony is also looking to attract a potential new userbase as well. They’ve started promoting the PS4 and PS Vita focusing mainly on the Remote Play that is offered between the home console and handheld.

With Remote Play you can take your gaming anywhere be it the road , office or even the toilet if you so desire . Since the seamless transition from a home console to a handheld device has worked so well for Nintendo Switch and its overwhelming response in terms of sale has proven quite disadventageous to Sony, with the added fact that the Japanese have taken quite a liking to a hybrid which can also function as a handheld. It comes as no surprise that Sony is actually investing in a play as you go feature.

The PS Vita which was supposed to be Sony’s trump card in the handheld market has for a lack of a better word performed below expectations. However with Remote Play there remains a possibility of a somewhat bleak revival.

PS Vita’s weren’t all that impressive in western markets with Japan being the main consumer market for the handheld console where it sold over 5.7 Million units  over the course of six years. These figures are decent if not ground breaking and maybe with Remote Play there exists a possibility of renewed popularity.

Playstation is promoting their Remote Play functionality with the biggest blockbusters in Japan. Such as Dragon Quest XI, which was released over the summer for Nintendo 3DS, PS4  and will also be making its way to Nintendo Switch sometime next year.

It seems like Remote Play may not just be able to replace the Switch just now, but it may prove to be quite useful for Sony in the coming years. Let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.