Red Faction Coming to PS4??

Red faction PS4

“Europe’s PEGI system releases a rating for Red Faction for PlayStation 4, indicating that the game is probably on its way to the console as a port or remaster.”

With great power comes great responsibilities – it was a matter of time that the classics were meant to be re-mastered for the new much more powerful console which currently is the PS4.

NeoGAF users have found that the Pan European Game Information rating framework, PEGI, has recently issued a rating for Red Faction. PEGI has conceded the amusement a PEGI 16 rating because of its dark nature and violence that it’s proper for gamers beyond 16 years old. While the ESRB – the American proportional – has yet to take action accordingly, it’s a decent sign that the diversion might be either getting ported or re-mastered for the PlayStation 4. It still remains indistinct when the video game might come and whether it’s basically a port or an undeniable re-mastered.

With the first Red Faction hitting its 15 year commemoration, it’s a good time for it to be re-mastered. Considering it was last release 15 years ago on the PS2 and THQ Nordic announcing the title being expelled off the list in Germany; recently, considering it unsafe for the youth. Nordic hasn’t done anything with the rights to Red Faction since it procured it in 2013 after the insolvency of THQ. In any case, THQ Nordic has communicated enthusiasm for making extra substance or new video game developing the Red Faction series, which hasn’t seen a section since 2011, when Red Faction: Armageddon tumbled.

According to original developer Volition, the Red Faction series ended due to poor sales. It remains to be seen if Nordic will go forward with plans to create a new entry to the series, but re-releasing the original game that started it out could spur interest enough to make it a worthwhile venture for the company.

Fans have also expressed their desire for more Red Faction since 2011, starting a petition asking for Volition and subsequently THQ Nordic to not give up on the series. Since then, Volition has publicly announced that it won’t be working on any more Red Faction games, but spokesperson Dan Cermak noted that the company felt the game was in good hands with THQ Nordic.

Although no further confirmation exists at this time, there’s no real reason for PEGI to go to the trouble of reviewing Red Faction out of the blue. The likelihood of Red Faction coming to the PlayStation 4 should be considered very strong, and fans of the series should stay tuned for further announcements or confirmations from Nordic THQ.

Source game rant