Red Dead Redemption 2 to Sell 12 Million Copies at Launch

John marston

So, the long awaited games release has been announced officially and fans are going crazy about it. Soon after the launch window was revealed, analyst Ben Schachter from Macquarie Securities informed investors that according to Games Industry, the game is likely to sell around 12 million copies during the

launch window.

Another expectation by Schachter is that a PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 is perhaps going to be followed around the beginning of 2018. He said, "Notably, in its first hour, the announcement received 54K likes and 61K retweets on Twitter, 152K likes and 52K comments on Facebook, and 65K likes on Instagram. We think this demonstrates significant pent-up demand and interest for the sequel.”

Red Dead has sold around 14 million units in 5 years since its first release. So if 12 million are sold in the second games launch window only, THAT IS BIG.

Let us know about your thoughts on this! Do you this Schachter is being too positive? Or is the game going to be bomb!?