Is A ReCore Sequel Coming? Big Announcement On August 20th



ReCore for the Xbox One was a big deal when it first came out. It was the idea of the guys who came up with Metroid Prime and Mega Man and was highly anticipated by many fans. The game, although had it’s flaws, was quite refreshing and brought a couple of new gameplay elements to the table. Now the same devs, and the same audience who liked the first game, are getting hyped up for a special announcement regarding the game’s future on August 20th. Here is the tweet in question which was used for the announcement.

The official twitter account of the game tweeted recently that players should stick around on the 20th of August for a very big announcement (and we feel it’s very big indeed). “Hey ReCore players! Come back to our channels on August 20th to hear what’s next for ReCore! Thank you for waiting & see you then.”

However, this doesn’t mean we can put our hopes on a sequel just yet though. The big announcement could very well be a big update or a DLC confirmation as the devs referred to the “game’s future”. We’ll have to find out on the 20th to know for sure.

However word on the grapevine is that it could also be related to the ReCore Definitive Edition which is set to come out on August 29. The most popular theory right now is that ReCore Definitive edition will be made available for free for those who own the base game. Yet there is no official word on this.

A positive out of this is that hopefully the devs took the criticism (from the first game) and improved it in more forms of content such as DLCs and updates or maybe even a fully fledged sequel. Be sure to stay tuned for more!