ReCore: Definitive Edition Leaks Online On Official Store; 4K Support Stated Nowhere



ReCore: Definitive Edition is what was the “big surprise” that the developers got us hyped up for and we are totally excited (not). Apparently, they haven’t even officially revealed it yet but it leaked on to the official Xbox store instead. The announcement was probably being saved up for August 20 (as reported by the official dev twitter account) but it seems that it has surfaced early.

Out of all the leaks going around, it was Microsoft’s own that confirmed it and the ReCore: Definitive Edition is priced at a lowly $19.99 on the Xbox Store. There were previous third-party leaks for this too. Here is the product page in question which shows of the leaked ReCore Definitive Edition.


The main problem of the listing of the definitive edition is that it does not mention 4K support anywhere in the leaked screenshots and details. This means that it isn’t listed as an Xbox One X game (those who support 4K) so this is going to be pretty disappointing for people who were looking forward to playing it in full UHD.

The listing also does not say whether owners of the original will get any of the new content that is in the definitive edition, which should be available to them since the definitive edition is coming out for the same (technically) generation of consoles it originally was released on.

So what do you think about the lack of 4K in ReCore Definitive Edition? Be sure to let us know by commenting in the comments section below.