Ready Player One Looks To Be Steven Spielbergs Latest Masterpiece



We recently saw Steven Spielberg’s latest Project Ready Player One. The feature film which is based on a novel written by Ernest Cline will be heading to cinemas near you soon. There was also a recently released trailer which showed of the concept of the movie , and how it references pop culture and mainstream media amongst other things.

The overview of the take of Ready Player One through the works of Steven Spielberg under the label of Warner Bros. Without giving much of the plot away, the plot is basically a rapid journey which concentrates mostly on the showcasing of the OASIS’ virtual world where the protagonist Wade Watts takes forth a journey to find an easter egg in this virtual world known as Oasis , whilst their is a depletion of Fossil Fuels and the world is engulfed in an Energy Crisis..

There are going to be many slam bang action scenes for example a huge virtual race is going to take place within the confines of the virtual real , and this is just one of the many action sequences that are going to be on display. Similarly it seems that the story is sticking close to the source material which is a good thing , as most adaptations tend to stray quite far from the original, and in the end the finished product is far from what was expected originally. However in the hands of a capable director ready Player One looks to be a film that will be thoroughly entertaining

For more information on the movie check out the trailer below which was released on the 22nd of July during the San Diego Comic Con 2017 weekend.

Let us know what do you think about the trailer and whether Ready Player One looks like a movie which has sparked your intrigue by commenting in the comments section below.