Random PSN Users Are Getting $100 Golden Ticket Vouchers From Sony


It seems Sony is being very generous this month. PSN users have been receiving 20% discount codes and if that wasn’t enough in addition there are others who have been randomly selected to get a $100 Golden Ticket.

The ticket basically acts like a voucher where you can get $100 off any of your next purchase. That means that you can buy goodies worth upto $100 in exchange for the voucher. The name is synonymous with the Golden Tickets in Roald Dahl’s timeless classic Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and just like its namesake these are super rare.

Though you never know you just might be one of the lucky ones who might have been chosen to receive the discount voucher, hence you should keep checking the email that is associated with your PSN account.

The offer however is only for those who reside in the North American region , also do ensure that you have enabled the option to receive such type of offers. A number of individuals have already reported to have received the Golden Ticket such as this guy on Reddit

“I’m not trying to boast or anything but I was just checking my weekly update email from PlayStation for my 20% Off code and I got a message that says “Congratulations lucky recipient of this Golden Ticket” and it had a code for $100 dollars on the PSN. All it says I have to do is redeem it by the end of March. Is this real? Is there some catch I’m missing? Thanks for the help and go check your email to see if you got one too I guess!”

So are you the few lucky ones who have managed to get your hands on a Golden Ticket ? If so let us know what you plan to buy with it by commenting in the comments section below.