Rainbow Six Siege Goes Through A Complete Transformation

Rainbow Six Siege


In its launch in December 2015, the game, Rainbow Six Siege, struggled a lot and was not successful in generating excitement amongst its fans and even the reviews were mediocre. After 3 years since its release, it has transformed into one of the most huge first-person shooters in the world. In a blogpost, it was said by Ubisoft that the audience of Siege per day is an impressive approximation of 2.3 million and the game has recently touched 20 million registered players mark.

After all of this, our interest lies a lot on the number; 2.3 million players per day, because this is an awesome sign of Rainbow Six Siege’s current status. As of yet, there are no stats for PS4, Xbox One or uPlay however, Steam provides us a concurrent player number which during publication was around 28,743 and has reached 45,979 as of today. This turns Siege #13 on the Most Popular Game list for Steam currently. And it is surprisingly ahead of Rocket League, Skyrim and Fallout 4.

The strategy of Ubisoft for doing this is a solid post-launch support as well as a DLC plan which the organization currently is trying to imitate across its competitive games. Instead of splitting the user base, the game makes all operators and maps readily available for all players. The actual player of 20 operators in now expanded to 30, with 16 maps in the game right now. An investment is also made by Ubisoft for Siege to be an eSport consisting of a pro league which proves popular on Twitch.

During the recent months, Ubisoft has fixed several problems of the game and has also upgraded the tech with new servers in a bid to make better the match stability. As of now, the thoughts go to season 3 which brings 2 operators from Hong Kong’s Special Duties Unit (SDU), a new map and new weapons. Check out the video below for more information.