R Rated Deadpool Tv Series On The Way


Following the success of an adult Deadpool movie, a R rated tv series is scheduled to hit the television screens soon.

After the success of the Deadpool movie, an animation series is coming into the market. As reported by the Variety FXX is working on the television series. The series like the movie is expected to be a R rated version suitable for adults only. The series is expected to be created by Stephen Glover and Donald Glover. Marvel and ABC signature studios will also be working with FXX.

Deadpool when released in 2016 did quite well in the box office. The movie earned a whooping $800 million from its $58 million budget. One of the most distinguishing feature of the movie was its hard language and rated R nature. Movie production houses have come to realize that fans are now bored of the typical super hero movies and want a much mature and darker version. FXX wants to cash in this new opportunity in their animations as well by making a R rated tv series.

David Glover is a person who is talked of highly when it comes to producing animations . According to Cnet.com, Nick Grad the president of the original programming at FX regarding the issue said that “Donald Glover is an incredibly gifted and versatile artist who’ll bring the untitled Marvel’s Deadpool series to life with the same intense, singular vision as his breakout hit Atlanta.”

While fans seem to appreciate a mature super hero movie it would be interesting to see how the fans react to the latest tv series. Many would be closing looking at how well the animated series works out with the fans. If the series turns out to be a success we may see the emergence of more anime tv series of a R rated version.