The Punisher TV Show May Be Marvel’s Best Work To Date

The Punisher


Comic-book fans have started to show an interest for protagonist with a dark side. Traditionally an average super hero will come and save the day with strong moral principles against violence. But all of that had become too repetitive for fans. Jon Bernthal, who debuted in the second season of Daredevil as Frank Castle/ The Punisher managed to create quite a fan following.

Netflix and Marvel decided to capitalize on the new business opportunity and decided to produce a TV show of Punisher. Today we got to see the first trailer of the Punisher and it offers just what the fans were looking for.

From the trailer it is quite apparent that the first season of the show will focus on the origin story of the Punisher. Frank Castle is shown as an average ordinary citizen until his family his murdered in cold blood.

You can check out the trailer below:

The death of his family members continues to haunt him for eternity transforming him into The Punisher. Although the trailer was hardly one minute long, we got to see a fair bit of violence. People were being brutally shot with guns with blood sprouting out from everywhere. Dead bodies covered in blood were also shown.

The first glimpse of the trailer shows that Marvel and Netflix are all set to give fans what they want. The conventional super hero trend now seems to be fading away as more brutal and gory protagonist make their way to the TV screens.

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