The Punisher To Have No Holds Barred

The Punisher


Marvel is ramping up its production of super hero TV shows. The Punisher another Marvel TV show is expected to make way to the TV screen through Netflix later this year. The vigilante like most vigilante’s shares an emotional back story and may not be a crowd pleaser. In the audience may not entirely come to terms with the characters strategy and tactics.

Jon Bernthal who plays the role of the Punisher highlighted that the upcoming TV series would depict the Punisher in his true form and many may not agree with how the characters works. In a recent interview, Bernthal regarding the issue said that he thinks Frank is brutal.

“Frank is damaged. Frank is tortured. I think Frank, when he engages in violence, there’s something utterly satisfying and addictive for him to be doing that, and that may not be something that the audience can agree with or get behind. But I’ve always fought to preserve that, and I think that that’s a part of him. I think the pain and what’s behind the violence and the reason why he’s committing the violence, that’s a different story. I want to explore that, too.”

As mentioned above, most vigilantes have a back story which continues to haunt them for the rest of eternity. Like Batman, The Punisher also saw his closed ones being murdered. But while Batman was able to control his animal nature, the Punisher wasn’t. It would thus truly be interesting to see how Marvel goes about displaying such a character on screen. Bernthal has already mentioned that he would make sure that the character isn’t too heroic.

Bernthal regarding the issue said that “So I think that’s the real challenge: being bold enough to not make him too heroic, at least ‘heroic,’ is important to me. That being said, I think there’s Frank Castle inside of everybody, I think being a father and being a husband, he’s a character that I deeply empathize with.”