The Punisher Unlikely To Have Any Connections With The Defenders



In the last few years we have seen entertainment companies such as DC and Marvel create connected universes featuring each franchise’s prime super heroes. Marvel has managed to create the Defenders and the Avengers, while DC has Justice League in the pipeline. While fans have appreciated the factions that have emerged, Marvel feels that some heroes should only be left with their solo performances.

Marvel is all geared to launch Punisher. The show as mentioned above will have little or no connections to the Defenders starring Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil. Punisher however is expected to do his own thing and is expected to be a person who likes working alone.

As reported by the EW, Jon Bernthal regarding the issue said that “We are stripping down every supernatural element. This show is different. It looks different. Frank is a character rooted in the most basic human emotions … He’s a comic-book character, but he doesn’t fly, he doesn’t have X-ray vision. He’s an unbelievably skilled soldier who’s been very, very angry and very, very hurt. In other words: The Punisher’s story will feature zero ninjas, zero members of the Hand, and definitely zero dragons.”

The Punisher is a super hero who has a past that is marred with grievances and tragedy. His back story is unlike any other in Marvel’s TV universe and it makes sense that he works on his own. As the show is released we might get a deeper insight on the character and what exactly the show has to offer.

Let us know what do you expect from the Punisher when it releases on Netflix. Will It be a smash hit , or will it go down the path of Iron fist and underwhelm the audiences?