PSVR Updated Model To Integrate Headphones And Add A HDR Pass Through.



It was recently discovered that a new model for the PSVR will be making its way to consumers soon. The specs for the said model can be found here.The Updated Model for the PSVR which supports integrated Headphones and HDR Pass through is first going to hit the Japanese markets and will reach the Western markets at a later date.

The Newer Model sports a redesign from the previous and although the company won’t be changing the name for the updated version simply keeping it PSVR, and to identify the product the company will be selling the units in a different packaging and Model No. to differentiate it from its predecessor.

With the PS4 receiving an HDR update last year it seemed that fans had to plug out the PSVR to display the HDR on their displays. The issue has now been solved in the newer model with an updated processor unit installed in it making it possible to use HDR content while the device is plugged in the PS4. The cables have also been organized accordingly to suit a more streamlined setup which is an appreciated update.

The new processor wont be backwards compatible with your old headset and hence you cannot buy the processor separately. You will need to buy the new model in it’s entirety. The games that support PSVR will continue to work normally on both devices.

As it stands there is currently no official announcement of when we might see this new model of the PSVR become available to consumers in the USA. In Japan the new numbered CUH-ZVR2 will be made available on 14th October.