PSVR Prototype Included Minority Report Style Gloves


In order to immerse yourself completely in PSVR the input almost always plays an extremely crucial role. A perfect example of this would be the Aim Controller Gun developed for Farpoint.

PlayStation’s Magic Labs R & D is one of the core reasons why PSVR exists today , and Dr Richard Marks from Magic Labs R & D revealed at this weeks Games Summit that there were several prototypes that they were working on, and one of them included Minority Report style gloves. Here is what he had to say.

“We’ve created a lot of different prototypes,” Marks said on-stage. “One was generated by our interns. They saw the movie Minority Report — and the next morning they built this thing to do the same kind of input for a game system.”

For those of you unaware about the concept, it was first introduced in the Tom Cruise starer which saw people interact with holographic icons and information just by using their hands .

Sadly this was one of many concepts that did not get to see the light of day , however whats interesting to note is the fact that this concept was being worked on even before the PSVR , and it is certainly something that we may end seeing in the future. Even Dr Marks seems to think that this might be a possibility in the future.

“it’s a difficult thing to let go and realize it’s just not the right thing for your company,” said Marks. “But sometimes those ideas do come back later, so it’s not always a bad thing.”

Well it would be interesting to see if this concept does become a reality in the future, as it would further go on to legitimize VR as a gaming platfrom , and limit its current restrictions.

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