PSVR Is Nearing The One Million Mark For Units Sold


Sony is closing in on the one million mark for the number of PSVR units sold. To be exact Sony has surpassed 915,000 in units sold. The information comes via Sony Executive Andrew House whilst he was giving an interview to The New York Times.

The report states amongst other things  that Sony is looking to sell around 1 million units in a six month time frame. So that means that they have till mid-April to achieve their targets. PSVR went on sale on 13th October 2016 , and it seems likely that Sony will achieve the target that it has set for itself ahead of schedule.

When the virtual reality headset first hit the market many people were skeptical about it , and thought that it was going to be nothing more than a gimmick. While many people still believe that to be the case established games like Resident Evil 7 have been a massive hit on VR. Upcoming game Farpoint is also one which will make complete use of PSVR capabilities as well.

Hence it is  far more than a gimmick , and Sony should be proud of itself for achieving such a milestone, and who knows the sales might have already touched the million mark if the PSVR did not run into supply issues to meet with the excessive demand.

Here is what Andrew House had to say regarding the excessive demand for the PSVR in Japan

“You literally have people lining up outside stores when they know stock is being replenished,”

PSVR is priced at around $400-$500 if you haven’t gotten one yet , it is highly recommended that you do so. Let us know what you make about Sony’s success with the PSVR and whether you would like to see complete games released for it in the future by commenting in the comments section below.