PSVR Expected To Sell 2 Million Units By The End Of 2016


2016 has been a great year for gaming and gaming hardware. We have seen the launch of the noticeably slimmer versions of both the Xbox One S and the PS4. But the real headline grabber has been the introduction of VR technology, as we have seen the release of both HTC Vive, and PSVR amongst others.

It will be safe to say that the PSVR has been a smashing success and it now appears that research specialist Superdata has tried to predict that how many headsets of the PSVR will be sold by the end of the calendar year. The statistics are as follows.

  • PlayStation VR – 2,602,307
  • Samsung Gear VR – 2,316,632
  • Google Daydream – 450,083
  • HTC Vive – 420,108
  • Oculus Rift – 355,088

The analysis of Superdata involves retail checks, executive interviews, pricing data amongst other things.

SuperData’s approach to the market for consumer-centered virtual reality includes retail checks, executive interviews with decision-makers from all of the relevant firms in the marketplace, pricing data, our survey-based consumer tracking panel, and digital content purchases collected from our data providers

The further explain that there analysis relies upon both public and proprietary data sources.

We combine both proprietary and public data sources to arrive at an objective reading of the market, including financial information obtained through our client network.

However not everyone has been pleased with how PSVR and other Sony products have entered into the market. According to Michael Goodman, Sony has launched their product in such a way that consumers now have a hard time deciding what to choose from. The number of different alternatives and the steep price has made it extremely tough for the consumer to decide what they actually want.

Sony’s PSVR is undoubtedly a smashing success, however it remains to be seen whether Sony is splitting the market with its products. Let us know what you think about this by commenting in the comments section below.