PSN Network Goes Through A Second Round Of DDOS Attacks, Homeland Security Involved In It’s Investigation


Update: The issues have been fixed for the time being , however it remains to be seen whether there will be another round of DDos attacks.

Reports have been circulating that the PlayStation Network (and most of ISP Dyn’s network) has been suffering from outages today. Though some minor issues were taken care of earlier in the day, an even greater attack was inflicted later. Dyn issued a statement stating it is doing its best to eradicate the issues. A sigh of relief for those affected by these recent attacks.
Interestingly, Department of Homeland Security is now getting involved with the matter. As reported by NBC News, the attack is coming from devices infected with malware that came out in the last couple of weeks. While Dyn has been diligent in its attempts to squash any issues, the “hackers” are adamant on completing their attack.
As updates will be rolling in from, it seems that the problem won’t be getting sorted anytime soon.
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