Reports Suggest PSN’s Security May Have Been Compromised



There was an occurrence on Sunday when the official Playstation accounts on Twitter and Facebook were hacked and a group of hackers called OurMine took the credit for the deed . The tweets on Twitter also claimed that Playstation Networks Security (PSN) had also been potentially compromised however the tweets were deleted and there has been no word from SONY on the matter besides the deletion of said tweets.

Moreover the official support account on Twitter,  Ask PlayStation, has been unaffected by the takeover. You can find the deleted Tweets on NeoGaf. 


There was similar incident back in 2011 where Playsation’s security dealt a major blow which not only caused a 23 Day outage on its servers but also compromised over 73 million accounts making it one of the biggest data hacks ever.

OurMine is a group of elite hackers these ”White Hat” hackers are ethical who only expose security holes in an attempt to reinforce security. They should be fine unless they’ve changed their modus operandi  (MO).

Hence we believe that there is nothing to worry about and all of your information is potentially safe, and so is your PSN. However it does serve to highlight the fact that Sony does have breaches in its security , and they would do well to ensure that they rectify these breaches immediately.