PSN Is Down Currently , Players Are Being Booted From Games


Multiple PSN users are reporting that the PSN is currently down despite the fact that the PSN Support says everything is up and running like it should be .

With many others also of the opinion that the network has not been working properly for the past week or so.

Many individuals have reported that they were suddenly kicked out of the network abruptly while they were trying to play their favorite games , and have had trouble logging in ever since , and yet PlayStation support is still showing that everything is up and running.

There is no scheduled maintenance and hence its more than likely a network failure of some sort . The outages though have been affecting a bunch of gamers since yesterday , but so far no official information acknowledgement has come forth thus far.

The same issues are also being reported on reddit.

“Happened here as well, was in a rainbow 6 game and everyone in the game got booted from parties into game chat.” wrote one user.

While another said: “The Call of y Duty servers all went to s**t about maybe 15 minutes ago”

website monitoring service Down Detector also shows the PSN being down and out , and the outage seems to be affecting gamers in the UK and the US. At the time of writing this it appears that the outages were being experienced by a few players since yesterday , but now its affecting a significant number , and hence its come into notice.

We will continue to update this story , but as of yet there is no official detail about what is the cause of the outage.

Let us know if PSN is up and working for you , or if you are one of the people who are affected by the outages by commenting in the comments section below.