PSN Has 70 Million Active Users And Counting


Yesterday at an investor relations day, Sony shared an update about PSN having nearly 70 Million active users amongst other things.

Furthermore it was also revealed that the PS4 ecosystem was highly successful and continues to grow with the PS4 Pro and PSVR amongst other innovations taking the brand forward.

However the numbers which dictate how many active users PSN has is very noteworthy particularly when you consider the way that this implies no less than 70 million players from all around the globe are signed into Sony’s PSN and are playing amazing video games together and talking with each other on a month to month premise. To give you folks some specific circumstance, Sony’s PSN is currently gloating a higher month to month dynamic client number contrasted with Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

Prior this year in January, it was uncovered that Xbox Live was playing host to 55 million month to month dynamic clients. We’re certain that the number has most likely expanded from that point forward, regardless of whether it has achieved PSN levels or considerably higher stays to be seen, however until we see the official figures, Sony’s PSN is ahead of the pack.

Notwithstanding these figures, it appears that Sony is now in the driving seat and headed well towards its destination , considering  how its PlayStation Plus administration has figured out how to hit 26.4 million endorsers, up by more than 6 million clients from the prior year. Which is still a phenomenal achievement considering that Xbox Live has been touted to have a more favorable online presence.

Let us know what do you think of the spike in active online users, and if you are amongst the many who have been actively using PSN by commenting in the comments section below.