PS4 Users To Get Call Of Duty WWII Timed Exclusive Maps


As April 26 draws near, everybody is hyped for the reveal of the upcoming installment in the Call of Duty franchise. Call of Duty WWII will now get timed exclusive maps for the PS4 according to Amazon who have the game listed over on their site. This exclusivity is the result of a deal between Sony and Activision that allows timed exclusives and a right to access the beta early for Sony users.


There are no details yet about the number of maps being shipped with the game but that might change on April 26, the date of the official reveal of the game. The game will get its first official trailer on this date.


Alongside timed exclusive maps, PS4 users will also get access to the “Private Beta” much like the one that was released for Infinite Warfare, this results in players getting early access to the beta. However, only users who pre-order the game will get access to this “Private Beta”. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is also getting the same treatment of a “pre-order only access” to their private beta.


The latest installment, Infinite Warfare, had received much criticism by fans of the series to be not up to the mark. A more “boots on the ground” experience was favoured by series veterans and that is exactly what the developers will be doing with Call of Duty WWII. By taking the franchise to its roots, they are hopeful that a larger focus on the single player campaign and a much more refined and traditional multiplayer experience will appeal to the fanbase.


There have been talks that this installment will be a standalone game with no possible sequels or prequels tying to the story. The story will not continue off of any previous games or build up to a sequel in the future as rumored. Sledgehammer are probably going to make a more unique campaign with a refreshing and fun story for the story to not intertwine with any other installment.


The option to co-op campaign is returning in WWII, a feature that was introduced in Black Ops 3 By Treyarch. There is still no word on whether it will be 2 or 4 player coop but we will probably get more details about this on the date of the reveal. There is a possible release date for Call Of Duty WWII on November 3 but it is not confirmed yet. The game will be releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
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