PS4 Update Version 4.50 Beta’s Issue Needs To Be Addressed

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A few days ago reports emerged about the purported new features which are going to be a part of PS4 system update version 4.50. Sony is currently testing out these new features , and it is currently in its beta program. While many who are part of the program have praised the planned new features, there are a some who have pointed out apparent flaws.

Just recently Just Push Start had reported that they were limited to the use of one external storage as opposed to the multiple ones in the Xbox One.

There is one particular annoying problem with the new HDD support. According to beta users for external hardware support you need to safely remove HDD before you go into rest mode. When you turn your console back on however there is a message saying that the PS4 was not turned off properly and that the drive might need to be repaired.This can damage the data inside and can put your save games and installations at risk.

This information comes courtesy of a user in the beta program who posted  on Reddit. Here is what he had to say about the issue

So first and foremost I love that the PS4 finally has external HDD support for game installs. Sony dragged their heels for years on it but I’m glad it’s finally a thing.

BUT there is a very annoying issue that I’ve come across. If you have an external drive connected and you have your PS4’s power saving settings configured to put your console into rest mode after a certain amount of inactivity, when you turn your PS4 back on from rest mode it acts like you’ve turned off your PS4 without safely disconnecting the drive and it has to repair.

This is very annoying as I have to remember to disconnect the drive safely every time I get ready to sleep and watch Netflix. I know it sounds like a minor issue but I don’t want to risk losing all of the games installed on the drive, nor do I want to sit through a lengthy repair process every time I turn my console back on.

It seems like an oversight on Sony’s part that rest mode doesn’t keep the HDD connected if you have your USB power set to on in rest mode.

Thankfully this is just a beta , and Sony has a lot of time vetting out all the potential problems and finding their solution.

So experienced the same problems as well in the beta program? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.


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  • Aenea

    Ehm, I rarely turn off my PS4 completely, always use rest mode and never have I had this message after turning it on AFTER rest mode.

    I have, however, gotten the message after turning it off normally which I found odd as heck, also reported it to Sony….

  • Pepan

    Im glad I bought 2TB internal SSHD and changed for builtin 1TB . Its still better option for me than connect external hdd. But I understand its handy for lot of people. How is it about speed of drive? Because internal drive is connected via usb bus I think it should be same speed.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Um, since it’s a beta, report the issue and keep it moving. No need to make an article about it.

    • LordCancer Kain

      yeah fake news right? no need to comment about it, just ignore it and keep it moving.

      • angh

        No, this is simply stupid news. Devs released beta to people in order to get feedback about the bugs and keep telling you it is beta and bugs may exist. Now someone found a bug and he is so surprised and shocked he wrote a stupid article.
        Really. Beta released to find bugs actually contain a bug. Unbelievable.
        If it is fine to make an article about it, it is perfectly fine to bash a person who finds it surprising.

        • LordCancer Kain

          you’re simply stupid.

          • angh

            too much CoD, go outside and breath.

    • Trinity

      How do we report issues again? I can’t find the link thanks!

      • J.j. Barrington

        I’m not in the beta, so I can’t even tell you.

  • Jihaad Boonzaier

    Do you even know what the point of a beta is? It to find buys report them so that they can be addressed. Hardly news worthy

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    In computing, the term “beta” is used as (usually) the last testing release (or the preview release) in the software release life cycle before the “release” version. Beta versions often have a version number of the form “0.n”, (or “build number”). Typically it is the last version before a version of a software is fully released to all its actual customers.

  • omarcominyo

    If it worked flawelessy it wouldn’t be a beta(which you clearly signed up for, faults and all)

    • Lysergio

      Yes, and this is WHY they release them. To work out the kinks. What’s your point?

      • popo123

        It’s a beta and they have a website/link where you can report the problems you encountered if you participated in the beta. That’s the point of it. If you aren’t in the beta, you won’t have any problems and it would stupid if you are in the beta and did experience the problem and didn’t report it to them.

  • Chandler Wood

    Clickbait. The reddit user clarified that it’s only if you use the power save mode, ie. if the PS4 goes into sleep mode on its own. If players put the PS4 into rest mode themselves, it does not have this issue. It’s a tiny, tiny issue. Also, multiple drives? If you get one that’s big enough, why would you want to waste multiple drives when every one has to be full formatted only for use with the PS4?

  • Trinity

    I’m in the beta. External HDD support (FINALLY) is awesome ofcourse.

    My biggest gripe is we still cannot alphabetize or manually organize our home screen icons/folders. Thankfully we can now do that WITHIN a folder, but it only makes simple sense to be able to do that on the main menu of folders/icons as well.

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