PS4 Update 5.01 Released , Improves System performance

PS4 Update 5.01

An unannounced PS4 Update 5.01 has been released today , and it does not do a lot and mainly contains stability fixes and additions.

You may have to manually prompt the PS4 Update 5.01 as it does not seem to be a mandatory download. The said update improves system performance that is according to the patch note accompanying it.

PS4 Update 5.01 is available worldwide and is sized at a relatively modest 357.3 MB. Which if you know anything about a PS4 or any other console for that matter is pretty standard. The system update comes after an alleged jailbreak claim , which were presumably possible after the PS4 Update 5.0.

The update does very little apart from improving system performance and hence it is plausible that this update acts as a sort of reinforcement.