PS4 Update 5.00 Is Now Live For Everyone; Here’s What It Includes



PS4 Update 5.00 is now available for everybody. PS4 Update 5.00 is 374 MB in size and has a couple of new interesting feature for PS4 Pro users.

For starters with this update PS4 Pro users will be able to stream at 1080p/60 FPS while streaming through Twitch. Furthermore improvements have also been made to the account management system and Team Tournaments have also been introduced as well. You can join upto 60 teams with each team having it’s own owner and Captain. Sounds like a move that will perhaps appeal a lot to those who are into Esports.

Team Tournaments will kick of from 5th October , you can head over to the events section to find out more about Team Tournaments.

Users can now also change the notification interface. Pop up notifications can now be completely disabled , so that they do not annoy you while you are watching a movie or one of your favorite shows.

In the message updates stickers for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn have also been added (Talk about integrating social space with gaming). Players are now also able to assign their friends to custom lists . Also subject to privacy settings you can now follow almost any user without actually being friends with them.

There is also something for the PSVR users in PS4 Update 5.00. The update includes support for 5.1 and 7.1 channels in virtual surround sounds with the headphones while the user is tuned in to Blu- Rays in the cinematic mode.The update also changes the quick menu as well.

The much talked about PS4 Update 5.00 is finally here, and it has provided us with a number of nifty little upgrades. I for one am excited to check out the Team Tournaments feature as it sounds extremely interesting.

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