PS4 Update 4.01 Released

PS4 update 4.01

Sony has released a new update for the Playstation 4 which you can download now.  If you were expecting any new features or major changes though, you’re in for a disappointment. According to the PS4 update’s patch notes which were about one line long the main feature is “This system software update improves the quality of the system performance,” And that’s about it.

It is likely the next time you start up your PS4 you’ll get the option to download 4.01. It isn’t very large though packed at just around 312.1 MB. Despite no specifics being provided the PS4’s stability is said to have been improved with this update meaning it is a bit more of the kind of stability patch that Sony loves to release every now and again. There is also definitely the possibility that the update could very well be to prep our consoles for PlayStation VR, but if that is the case Sony should have or might have mentioned it in the patch notes.

Meanwhile NeoGAF users are busy releasing some pretty cool “PS4 stability Gifs. You can check them out here.  

The last PS4 update 4.00, was released in September which introduced folders for managing games and apps, redesigned menus and added HDR support for all PS4s.

The PS4 Slim was released in September with $300 price tag while Sony will launch its new, more powerful PS4 4 Pro in November priced at $400.

That just about wraps it up. You can download the new PS4 update from here .