PS4 System Update 4.73 Now Live For All Consoles; Takes Step For A More Stable Environment

PS4 update 4.01

PS4 System Update 4.73 rolled out earlier today , and shall be available for download any time you open your console.

The latest update for the PS4 just rolled out, update 4.73 brings a lot of stability fixes and changes for consoles. There are no significant features included in this update but this is Sony’s way of moving towards a stable environment for the PS4. A lot of people were complaining that their consoles were acting clunky after the last update and the UI was laggy. This update aims to fix any performance issues that plagued the console up till now.

You can download the update by logging on to your PS4 system. The update is quite small (300mb approximately) so it wouldn’t take much time to download depending on your internet connection. While this update doesn’t bring much to the table, a larger update 5.0 is on the way which is rumored to bring a lot of changes and improvements.

There are a bunch of reports surfacing online that suggest a bunch of features to be in update 5.0 that were of high demand up till now. Sorting your Game Library might be one of these. Sony has conducted many surveys, asking users what they want to see and what features they want included. These are some of the things that might be included in the 5.0 update:

  • PSOne Classics
  • Hide/Remove game demos and trials from library
  • Store wishlist (similar to Steam)
  • Increase maximum number of players in a PSN party
  • Ability to change PSN ID

There still isn’t much confirmed for the big 5.0 update but Sony will be sure to update us as soon as a beta build is ready for testers who subscribed to test early builds.

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