PS4 Software Version 4.50 Is Called “Sasuke”. Here Is What It Does

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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) recently announced a new system software update which will be titled as version  4.50 “SASUKE (Sasuke)” . PS4 users will be able to download and install this update at a later unspecified date.

The main features are as follows

Main Features

■ You can finally be relieved from low storage space as  you can install applications and move them from PS4’s main storage to an external hard disk drive.  Here is how you go about doing it
– Format from [Settings]> [Peripheral device]> [USB storage device]. 

■ Improve the operability of the quick menu. 
– Change the display method of the quick menu so that you can be further enthralled and immersed in an unique gaming experience
– It becomes easier to access  functions such as creating and participating in parties from the quick menu. All in all it is a convenient and nifty little feature.

■ The announcement will be renewed and all notifications will be able to be confirmed in the list. 

■ Screenshots can be set as the background of the home screen or function screen. 
– Choose [Settings]> [Theme]> [Select a theme]> [Custom]. 

■ You can post texts or screenshots directly to the activities you want to display, such as [What’s New]. 
– Select the text entry field in [What’s New]. You can post “text”, “add screenshot”, “tag a game”, “tag a player”. 
– You can also post screenshots by pressing the SHARE button, selecting [Screenshot], and selecting [Activity] as the upload destination. Also, you can tag players and games played together. 

■ You will be able to post animated GIFs to activities. 

■ After creating a party, you will be able to change the party’s public / private. 
– Choose [Party]> [Party Settings]> [Party Privacy]. 

■ You will be able to enjoy Blu – ray 3D content on PlayStation VR.