PS4 Save Editor Coming Courtesy Of Japanese Software Developer Cyber Gadget


A PlayStation 4 save editor is being made by Japanese Software Developer by the name of Cyber Gadget.This will be released sometime in March and will allow PS4 owners to edit PS4 save game data and acquire nifty loot , items or money by entering patch codes which are more or less like passwords.

Still unclear about what a save editor does ? well think of it as this way, it allows you to export a save file and then edit the values of your stats, armor, weapons or anything else that you may wish.


The editor will be released in Japan in March and will cost around 7,800 Yen for a single year subscription, or 14800 for a 3 year subscription.

Save editors however are hardly a new thing with the likes of  Game Genie and Action replay which can be downloaded and can give you almost anything that you might need in a game.

The Save Editor being made by Cyber Gadget will be compatible with around 80 or so titles and will include the likes of Final Fantasy 15, Persona 5, and Gravity Rush 2 amongst others. The save editor is as you may have guessed is perfect for RPG’s, and may help you out in situations  where you may be in the middle of an important quest and may need a ton of money to buy important items and upgrades.

Hence in short it can help you prepare for the trials and tribulations that lie ahead. One game where this can be of immense help is of Dark Souls . By now we all know how difficult it is to move forth in the games, however with a save editor your troubles can be put to ease.

So will you be getting yourself a save editor anytime soon? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.