PS4 Sales Higher Than They Have Ever Been

PS4 update 4.01

Sony just revealed their best Playstation 4 numbers to date including the best quarter in history shipping 9.7 million units worldwide during Q3 of 2016 setting a new record. There was no specifics on how many were PS4, Slim, PSVR, or Pro. The previous record holder was the Playstation 2 which shipped 8.78 million during Q2 2003.

Sony saw a 20% increase in operating income which can be attributed to development of the PS4 Slim, reduction in hardware and improved software sales. The fact that Sony launched the PS4 Slim at a lower price is also worth noticing as it earned potentially less.

Sony also apparently overcame their rivals in the ‘console wars’ over the year-end holidays. Reports have proved that they have indeed sold more than the Xbox One in the U.S and it’s pretty much a no contest at their home turf in Japan. PS4 outselling the Xbox in the U.S is definitely a blow to Microsoft. The Xbox however also reported a rise in sales which could probably mean that people are buying second consoles.

The Playstation plays a vital role at Sony as the company reported a drop in almost everything this year from TV to smartphones, and music devices, the only exception being the Playstation. The Playstation department was able to post good numbers while changing corporate location, re-branding, and regrouping. According to them “Uncharted” played a major hand in this. This also means that the Playstation will surely become Sony’s top priority.

In other news regarding Sony’s sales PS4 Topped January NPD While Xbox One Had A Record Month and also PS4 Was The Best Selling Console In The UK In Terms Of Physical Software Sales.

Also Sony Is Offering Player’s The Chance To Get A Free One Month PS Plus Membership, although many people are having difficulty availing the offer.

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