PS4 Pro’s Stock 1TB Hard Drive Can’t Hit SATA III Speeds

PS4 Pro

Sony has held back a bit when it comes to the PS4 Pro’s hard drive. Featuring a 1TB 5400RPM platter HDD that can’t pull SATA III speeds , despite  the 4K-ready PlayStation 4 Pro supporting SATA III with up to 6 Gbps transfer speeds, the console’s stock hard drive only runs at 5400 RPM, which means it can’t even pull the full transfer speeds of the SATA III protocol. This was revealed by iFixit, who recently dissected the PS4 Pro to see what lies within. The PS4 Pro’s 1TB internal platter drive is rated 3.0 Gb/s, which is actually SATA II speeds although some sources apparently report the HDD supporting 6 Gb/s speeds instead. In any case, the 5200 RPM is just not enough to reach the max super fast rates of SATA III.   Note that the SATA III protocol was designed for SSDs that were restricted by SATA II speeds, and most new platter hard drives will use SATA III whether they can fully tap the protocol or not. To make the most of the PS4 Pro’s transfer speed potential, you’ll have to buy a pretty expensive solid state drive.  

The PS4 Pro may not be able to fully pull 6 GB/s speeds but Pro owners have claimed that disc game installations are blistering fast on the console. The PS4 Pro also has a faster Wi-Fi chip that supports up to 5GHz frequencies across 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocols, which means game downloads will be much faster.  

There have also been a few problems reported by owners of the system; the console itself is displaying blank screens on certain HDR-enabled 4K UHDTVs. There hasn’t been any official statement from Sony so far but many gamers are being informed that their TV’s aren’t 4K ready.  

You can get the PS4 Pro now for $399.

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