Turtle Beach Believes Xbox One X And PS4 Pro Enable Lower Base PS4 And Xbox Prices



By introducing the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, both Microsoft and Sony have made it possible to lower the prices of their base consoles such as the normal PS4 and the Xbox One, at least that’s what Turtle Beach believes.

The company that makes high quality, high-end headphones for both the PS4 and Xbox One has recently stated that the recent release of the PS4 Pro and the upcoming release of the Xbox One X will definitely boost headset sales for them. Juergen Stark, CEO of Turtle Beach, talked about this at his most recent earnings call.

“At holiday, PlayStation 4 Pro will have been in the market for about a year and the upcoming Xbox One X, I just mentioned, is announced to launch for the holiday selling season. It’s important to note that both console upgrades have backwards compatibility. In fact, not only are they compatible with existing titles but because of the console’s update introduced by both Microsoft and Sony, older gen games made for the earlier versions of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will actually play better.”

He believes that their releases are important because this will be the first time that both consoles will have backwards and forwards compatibility and that is a huge asset for them. This will lower the prices of the base consoles which will in turn attract a newer audience for their consoles. The “two-tier” console offering from both companies will expand the market which, in turn, will benefit Turtle Beach as more people will be buying their accessories for their consoles.

In light to this, there was already a rumor floating around the industry that the base PS4 will be getting a price drop at Gamescom 2017. The event is not far and we will see whether this prediction actually comes true or not. Do you believe that the base prices for both the consoles will drop this year or not? Let us know in the comments section below, and stay tuned!