PS4 Pro Owners Are Getting $10 PSN Credits

PS4 Pro

Sony recently launched the PS4 Pro in order to bring 4K gaming to more players. The console is an upgrade on its predecessor and expands upon its original capabilities. However it appears that the upgrade is not the only thing that is being offered to PS4 Pro owners, as many PS4 Pro owners who purchased the console are also receiving $10 in PSN credits. This isn’t the first time such a thing has happened, and this is a fairly common reoccurrence, however it does seem that this giveaway is only applicable to the owners of the PS4 Pro.


The news comes courtesy of a reddit user yinzr9 who posted the finding on the PS4 subreddit. He apparently got to know that he had received $10 in PSN credits via the notifications tab. “Here’s $10 to spend on your next purchase at PlayStation Store!” the notification said. There is still some time to go before the credit expires, and you owners of PS4 Pro have till the 30th of November to redeem the credit voucher.

In addition it appears that this offer is only applicable to the residents of the USA, as gamers from other parts of the world have not received such a voucher, so hard luck to all of those who reside in other countries.  If you are one of the lucky ones to have received $10 in credit I suggest waiting it out till Black Friday, as there are going to be a ton of deals available. However go ahead and make a purchase if something has caught your eye.

Everyone loves free stuff, and the $10 PSN credits can be especially useful for people looking to grab some last minute holiday deals. Let us know what you think about the giveaway, and whether you are one of the lucky PS4 Pro owners who have redeemed its coupon.