A Couple Of Pirated PS4 Games Have Surfaced On The Internet; Running Them However Involves A Lot Of Hurdles

PS4 Update 5.01


Game piracy has been an issue that plagued the industry for a really long time and it was a really big problem for devs and consumers alike. It seemed so far that the current generation of consoles had kept away the pirates for so long but it looks like the time for PS4 to run pirated games has become a thing now. A way has been found to run pirated games on the PS4 but it involves a lot of unnecessary hurdles.

A couple of PS4 games have surfaced on the internet and they include some pretty popular AAA titles such as GTA V and Far Cry 4. There are, however, a couple of step that must be taken to run these pirated titles and the side-effects of these altercations might not make pirating your PS4 so desirable.

According to the group KOTF (Knights of the Fallen)One of the most important things for the jailbreak to work is for your PS4 to be running an age-old firmware (1.76) that was released almost 3 years ago! The trick works only for this version because the jailbreak was initially released in 2015 to break the 1.76 firmware. The second drawback is that most of the games that came out in the past 2-3 years require the firmware to be updated to the latest version to be played, so you can cross those out from the list of pirated games you can run on a PS4.

In other news, the EU commission report about game piracy actually stated that it does more benefit for devs rather than negatively impact sales. Another thing that the report stated was that lowering the price of games was found to not reduce piracy at all.

A lot of developers have taken security measures to prevent piracy, the most popular method being Denuvo which started off strong but has been defeated too with most Denuvo-protected games being cracked every day. Hence piracy is still an issue mostly with PC Gaming as consoles have taken the appropriate measures to ensure some sort of protection.

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Source: Hot Hardware