“E3 Was Only Half The Story”; Sony Hypes Up Paris Games Week



Sony is teasing that their Paris Games Week is going to be one event not to miss! The company’s latest tweet hits out at every possible suspicion and rumor in the industry that something big is coming up for fans.

“E3 was only half the story”; the tone speaks for itself, Sony is addressing the fact that they lacked content and surprise factor at E3 but Paris Games Week is where it’s going to happen. The aggressive wording speaks out possibly to the talk about Microsoft’s Xbox One X taking home E3 in terms of overall “wow” factor and Sony is reassuring fans that they were saving the best stuff for later.

Intentionally holding back announcements at E3 might give Sony the upper hand if they can present big at Paris Games Week, the event being so close to the release of the Xbox One X. A marketing strategy like this can make sure that Sony can bring home sales without bringing out another mid-generation upgrade (by relying on highly anticipated exclusives). Instead of spreading announcements into two different events, they decided to suppress them to one.

As of now, the confirmed number for game updates that Sony’s going to drop at PGW is 21 with 7 of them being all-new games! The seven games involved could be for both the PS4 and the PS VR, the media showcase will show off the new games lineup which will commence at 9 am PST.

Hyping up an event is a nice way for people to rallied up for it but the risk of the announcements not living up to the hype is high too, Sony has got to have some interesting titles for the show to not feel bland (much like Sony’s E3 showcase).

Let us know if you’re excited for the Paris Games Week in the comments section below and stay tuned for more!