PS4 Was The Best Selling Console In UK For November In Terms Of Software Sales

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In recent months we have seen Microsoft and Xbox dominate the console market , and it seemed that Sony would have no answer to combat Microsoft’s continued dominance, in the US Microsoft had been the bestselling console for a fourth successive month, until that trend was seemingly broken in November , and it now seems UK has followed suit.

However it does seem very likely that Microsoft’s run is going to end as the PS4 had an amazing Black Friday, and it is forecasted to have even a better holiday season, thanks largely to the PlayStation experience which saw the blockbuster announcement of the Last Of Us 2 .

In the UK for the month of November the PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console in terms of physical software sales, in the form of both units and revenue, and it is surely another sign that better days are ahead for Sony’s flagship console.

Here are the stats courtesy of GFK

Physical Software Sales by Format (Units)


01 (01) PlayStation 4 – 1,825,425 (+4.07%)

02 (02) Xbox One – 1,528,742 (-11.26%)

03 (04) Nintendo 3DS – 424,422 (+227.08%)

04 (03) Xbox 360 – 111,256 (-71.75%)

05 (07) PC Software – 78,291 (-35.20%)

06 (06) Nintendo Wii U – 65,930 (-33.03%)

07 (05) PlayStation 3 – 57,688 (-70.70%)

08 (09) Nintendo Wii – 16,482 (-26.33%)

09 (08) PlayStation Vita – 8,241 (-53.96%)


Physical Software Sales by Format (Revenue)


01 (01) PlayStation 4 – £67,197,600 (-7.25%)

02 (02) Xbox One – £57,388,800 (-20.79%)

03 (04) Nintendo 3DS – £13,322,400 (+354.38%)

04 (03) Xbox 360 – £2,488,800 (-77.80%)

05 (06) PC Software – £2,488,800 (-37.27%)

06 (07) Nintendo Wii U – £1,610,400 (-48.14%)

07 (05) PlayStation 3 – £1,317,600 (-75.36%)

08 (09) Nintendo Wii – £292,800 (-43.42%)

09 (08) PlayStation Vita – £146,400 (-57.57%)


Let us know what do you think about the resurgence of the PS4 , and whether or not you see the Xbox One mounting a comeback in 2017 by commenting in the comments section below.

  • Hvd

    lol your bias shows here just because more indies sell on the indiestation doesnt mean the indiestation had more consoles sales…lmao

    by your theory if nintendo had just one console and some one bought 60m in indies its the best selling console …lmao

    • uptownsoul

      Sorry, just because you don’t like the statistical facts doesn’t mean they’re biased. But have a hate-filled day

      • Hvd

        its complete bias because the facts are wrong. just because you sell 50 indies on 1 console makes it the best selling console???…thats more like stupidity.

        • uptownsoul

          The problem is with your bias…You think only 1 console has indies or that only 1 console’s indies are being counted in these statistics. Sorry but all games (indies, AA, AAA, etc) on ALL consoles are being counted.

          • Ucouldntbemorewrong

            Save your breath, he’s not worth it.

          • Hvd

            the truth isa troll.enjoy waiting for your games…lmao

          • Hvd

            wow thats sad none of that has anything to do with what we are talking about are you that desperate? all i said was software sales arnt hardware sales ….lol

            this is whats wrong with the sony player base..lmao

          • uptownsoul

            LOL…Time to face the facts: Now we see the facts that, in the UK, PS4 outsold the XB1 in software (as this article shows) and in hardware (as this article shows: )…Not to mention NPD shows PS4 hardware outselling XB1 in America ( )

          • Hvd

            time to face the facts with only one npd win in 5months.yep time to face the facts…lmao

            it took 3 to be the one..lmao

          • Aenea

            Huh? What is that nonsense? If you go back further: past 11 months X1 only had 4 wins, sjeesh! You’re crazy and your weird thought processes are getting worse. Time for a meds change!

          • uptownsoul

            I know right…He’s acting like the beginning of the generation was 5 months ago…smdh

          • uptownsoul

            PS4 has 7 2016 NPDs so far: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun & Nov
            XB1 has 4 2016 NPDs so far: July, Aug, Sept & Oct
            3 out of 4 November NPD’s this gen have gone to PS4: ’13, ’15 & ’16

            PS4 has 3 consoles in the top 50 for Amazon USA 2016 (so far): #14, #24 & #44…XB1 doesn’t have a single console in the top 100:

  • angh

    dominate* console market in 2 countries
    * if dominate means 5% more sales in 3 months…

  • Mohammed Allha

    Congrats for everyone