PS Plus Free Games August Lineup Revealed



If there’s one thing Sony is known for in the world of gaming, it’s delivering amazing exclusives for the Playstation 4. Sony has been bombarding us with quality games throughout 2017 and, at E3, they got us excited by announcing even more exclusives. But If there’s one place they’ve lagged behind, it’s the free games that players get with a PS Plus subscription each month.

Thankfully, Sony have stepped up their game by delivering some really good free games with PS Plus in the past few months, including titles like Journey, Little Big Planet 3 and Until Dawn. But this time, Sony have hit a homerun with Augusts line-up of free gams.

Sony announced their free games lineup on Wednesday, which include games for the PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita. For the PS4, first up is Just Cause 3, an amazing third-person shooter and an AAA title, followed by the standalone Assassins Creed game, Freedom Cry.

For the PS3, first up is co-op digging adventure game Super Motherload, and the second title is Snakeball, a 3D remake of Snake.

PS Vita owners will get Downwell (also available for the PS4) a down-scrolling shooter, and Level 22, a game about a hungover office worker that has to get back to his desk undetected.

All of the games mentioned above will be available as free to downloads starting on Tuesday, August 1st till the end of the month for all PS Plus subscribers.