Sonic Forces Will Be The Latest Entry in the Franchise, Will Be Out Later This Year


Project Sonic 2017 will now be called Sonic Forces and is scheduled to be released later this year on all major platforms. The announcement was made by Sega at a panel of South By Southwest where they also talked about another upcoming game Sonic Mania which has been delayed from Spring to Summer.

As for the renamed Sonic Forces game it runs on a brand new engine which is called The Hedgehog Engine 2 , the name sounds a bit weird to be honest but it has a certain meaning to it , with the Forces part representing the age old battle between good and evil.YOu can check out the concept art below

Additionally Sega also showed some new game-play footage for the game , which saw Sonic travelling at break neck speed throughout the city , and is similar to the reveal trailer which was released last year. There will be multiple paths to take within the game , and two other  styles of game-play , with one of them focusing on the classic Sonic games of years gone by.You can watch last years reveal trailer by scrolling down below.

Its been a long time since we have seen a major Sonic game released , and this is a welcome addition to say the very least . Sonic Forces will be released later this year on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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