Project Scorpio Allows Players to Install Games On External Hard Drive

xbox one S

If you have been using an Xbox One, you know how you can share games but now Project Scorpio is taking this up another level!

The Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, recently unveiled a new function of the Xbox One Scorpio through Twitter:

In this tweet, Phil shows that the external hard drive of the console can install games. A USB HDD which is being used in the players current Xbox One can be taken and plugged into the Scorpio to install games.

Apart from the specs of the console being revealed a few weeks ago, this is all the piece of information we have for Xbox One Scorpio that is official. This technical information is also being considered relevant because it came through Spencer’s official Twitter account.

In E3 2017 next month, we are likely to get more information about Project Scorpio, so until then we have to watch out for detail revelation by Phil Spencer or other Microsoft insiders.

It’d be an awesome welcome addition to the console if it will have an external hard drive that can have games installed from it as it will let the players to conveniently install the games on their Xbox One Scorpio from a single easy and reliable source. Game sharing was already allowed by Xbox One and it seems like this is going to go on with Scorpio as well.

On the other hand, it is perhaps going to require more information than this in order to get people to purchase the Scorpio. Besides, irrespective of all the hype that Microsoft is getting for Project Scorpio, there are already so many details that we have no idea about and this includes the way the console looks and its price which are two highly relevant things.

We do, however, know that the console is going to be a premium console and is going to be priced as per the premium-ness, although, many online retailers may have a different quote on their price tags. The Xbox One Scorpio is considered to be a direct competitor of the PC which seldom overtakes consoles when it comes to graphics and performance. Therefore, the price of the Project Scorpio External Hard Drive might be justified.