SONY Announces Project Field


In Sony and ForwardWorks’ presentation, the company uncovered another amazing involvement with “Project Field.” Starting with Yo-kai Watch, it’ll bring another card game platform to cell phones.

The idea of Project Field started when Sony conceptualized thoughts for creating something like what they had with My First Sony.

My First Sony was a series of smaller-scale electronics made by Sony in the mid-late 1980s intended for use by children. They were made of brightly colored plastic, usually red, and large colorful buttons with simplified controls. My First Sony products included a Walkman, amplified microphone with tape deck, recording tape deckBoom box, alarm clock, electronic sketch pad, and headset walkie talkies. New York-based voiceover artist Chuck McKibben was the network TV spokesman, accompanied by children singing a jingle that went “I like pizza pie, I like macaroni, but what I love is My First Sony!” – Wikipedia

The company is flaunting their committed smart pads that match with a smartphone or tablet to open a completely new horizon to our gaming experience. Envision a game like Hearthstone, for example, yet with physical cards that you purchase in store. Or think of it as the physical and advanced form of Pokémon Trading Card Games combined.

At the point when a player places a card on one of the pads, it’s recognizes all features through a NFC-like remote innovation. The pad then sends the card’s correct position to the smartphone or tablet utilizing Bluetooth. Once the card is in the game, the pad can identify development – on the off chance that you slide a card to another position, for instance. The cards will be both decipherable and writable, which means in-diversion; status changes can be spared. Depending upon the game, players will likewise have the capacity to improve a character, “Strengthen using experience points” as we say in these card games; with details put away on the card.

This isn’t a radically new thought – Sengoku Taisen, Kantai Collection and other Japanese arcade recreations as of now mix collectible cards with computer games. Nintendo’s Amiibo cards for Animal Crossing likewise have worked in NFC chips. Where Project Field contrasts is in compactness, and potential reach. On the off chance that the pads are sold at a sensible rate, players will have the capacity to get an arcade encounter anytime anywhere they have a compatible tablet or mobile device.

While Project Field is slated for release in Japan, the overall interest of Skylanders and Amiibo implies a global release might also be on the cards.

Source: Sony