Is The Prince Of Persia Franchise Ready For Ressurection?



The Prince of Persia is a legendary series which takes gamers to a world of awe, mystery, and adventure. But after its last sighting on the X-Box 360 and the PS3, the producers have remained quiet on a reboot of the series. Until now! Rumors have been circulating  that a new Prince of Persia game might be in the works.

In the modern age and a globalized world, one can easily communicate and rant out their experiences and complaints. Chrissy Teigan, model and TV host did just that when she Tweeted how much she enjoyed playing the game, wondering whether she could have the same experience again. John Mechner the creator of the game was quick to respond. As reported by SegmentNext, Mechner said that “Chrissy, I know a few other people who feel the same way. We’re doing our best to make it happen!”

The Prince of Persia franchise was replaced by Assassins Creed years ago. The gameplay, moves and even wall climbing are similar characteristics that the protagonists from the two franchises embody. Ubisoft however has taken far more interest in the Assassins Creed series and are not in looking to refocus on the Prince of Persia.

There there are many people out there who would be interested in the Prince of Persia series. Prior to Assassins Creed Origins the storylines had become rather redundant. Most of the games normally tend to have the same storyline where both Assassins and the Templars search for the Apple of Eden. Games end on with major developments and just when players feel the franchise is finally coming to an end, more sequels are announced.However Assassins Creed Origins has been a breath of fresh air and hence it the franchise might not be going away any time soon.

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